I am WoMan

I am WoMan


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Being a woman sometimes becomes overbearing. We are given a sense of fierceness and passion that for whatever reason, will not be denied.

Growing up, my parents would have these very deep conversations and many of them are used in my day to day check in with myself and one of those moments went something along this line, “CandyPops, it doesn’t matter where we come from but that we don’t allow anyone to dictate who we are and control our happiness. The sooner you learn it,the more resilient you will be” This statement (one of my favourites) has echoed throughout my life.

Life, in all its splendour, has shown me, taught me and even thrown me into many situations and 99% of the time, I had no clue WHY, but I eventually realized that its all part of a greater plan. It’s not perchance that women and men are created differently, nor that we feel with such great emotion and compassion that in some instances, it seems like it can be the beginning or end for us.

More and more I am convinced that how you are raised has a huge effect on who you become as an adult. Sure, some of us have had really horrific pasts and yet we still come out of that victorious, and I have to believe that it’s because of what we have gone through that we have ensured that our past will not be relived.

I remember that I always wanted to be a Man. Yeah I know, and really it was because of how women were painted in society. Women were weak, needy, nagging, they cried when they wanted something, miserable, no ambition, married with loads of kids, needed to “report”their whereabouts, were the reason a marriage failed etc. It was negative and derogatory and yet men were idolized. It seemed the worse men were the more they were praised. This confused me deeply, and I grew up with a complex that if I could be more Male I would be happier. So I tried to feel less, tried to cry less, tried to show less emotion, mastered the art of being nonchalant and just didn’t deal with anything. I just swept it under the rug and carried on day by day until I eventually woke up 28, marriage failing and grievously unhappy and that’s when I realized that being a woman should not be something I run from, but I should embrace my WOMANITY because I would never truly be happy living a version of myself based on what I believed would be acceptable by society.

Years later, I am happy I embraced my WOMANITY. I’m proud to be female with my passionate nature and compassionate heart. With my sexy swagger and my sharp and witty tongue. I embrace my intellect, curves, eccentricities, dramatic expressions, ruthless and desirous nature. I love fearlessly and stand up and fight for what I believe in. Funnily, how years later, what I once ran from has basically become my life’s work and embracing everything I am and everything I will never be has made me more woman than most men can handle. Again, I thank you *little curtsy* I would rather be too much woman than waste away pretending to be a version of myself for the sake of what’s expected and be completely unhappy and dissatisfied.

So, I salute all the amazing, wonderful, females out there today. You are Queens and you do not have to adapt to what Society tries to feed us daily. You are powerful because you know what it feels like to be weak, you are resilient because your heart has been broken on the regular, you are feisty and vocal because of your passionate and fiery nature and you are beautiful because you are You.

A little piece a wrote, enjoy!


“Being a woman is synonymous to being a warrior.

You have to be strong enough to hold your own and fight for what you believe.

You have to be swift enough to fluctuate between using charm and brute force to woe your opponents.

You need to be prepared to bleed in order to give life and have the fortitude to know that life will be taken from you.

It takes courage to be a strong independently minded female and to love with reckless abandonment but to honour the stirring in your soul is more important than anything else the world can throw at you.

Most importantly, you need to know when to bow down and accept that you cannot win everything, that you cannot fight every battle but you need to be prepared for the worst and have faith that reality will favour the brave.

By Anastacia Candice Julie

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