Our generation’s version of Love.

Our generation’s version of Love.

Our generations

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Being a divorced independently minded confident female, it has taken me a long time to get back into the dating scene. I found it quite devastating and scary because more and more people were interested in physicality and not many gave the nakedsoul a second of their time. 99% of the males I met were quite blatant in their pursuit of my physicality yet lacked the desire to want to get to know me.

I remember going on a spree of 16 first dates in a month about 2 years ago and after 15 to 20 minutes, with each candidate, my right hand would go up and I would be asking for the bill and calling an Uber. Eventually, I just stopped and continued to focus on myself and my career.

A lot of my fellow Queens have followed a similar path, waiting with baited breath to find a King worthy of their beings, but unfortunately there are so many options for males and they are spoiled for choice. Magazines are going around promoting various things women need to do in order to keep their men satisfied, because, naturally, it’s the female’s fault if they decide to cheat or be dishonest!! Men don’t need a reason, nor do females, cheaters will cheat regardless of who you are, just ask Beyonce!

Meaningless sex is what we do when we are too afraid to fight for what we want or; when we haven’t found the person that adds to us. We fill the void of loneliness, heart ache, longing for something that we know exists yet hasn’t been experienced, or in some cases, is yet to be experienced, with physical pleasure & self gratification, which only temporarily fixes the problem.

Some of us become so use to this that it soon becomes our natural state of being and we live in this space.


Because it’s easy, convenient, comfortable. There are no emotions, no complications, nothing to further affect us, because we are an “I want it now generation” and we would rather SUBSTITUTE & REPLACE than abstain and fight. We lack the courage, the warrior-like tendencies of fighting for what is right and who we believe is worthy. But then again, you ask, “why fight for it when it’s so freely given”? This is the now, this is what we prefer, no work, just mutual agreement, (just download Tinder and swipe)

Is there any surprise that fewer people are getting married? Why would we? Believing in “ever after” is such an outdated notion, especially when we can trade our partners in as regularly as we do our cars or our cell phone contracts. If we continue on this path then love, in its purest form, will soon be extinct, because we will all end up co existing as opposed to living, loving and being. I don’t know about you, but if our connection is not tumultuous from a nakedsoul perspective then we will never be.

I can honestly say that after three years of failing dismally, waiting and praying, I found someone that is worthy of my nakedsoul. There is nothing more fulfilling than finding a  being who is prepared to fight for you as you would them, puts in as much time and effort and respects you for everything you are and everything you will never be. Finding a friend, that makes you smile and wipes your tears when you cry, who makes you laugh when you’re about to lose your mind and embraces you when you cannot bare the devastation and pain within your being any more. Friendship is the fundamental key that we are missing in relationships because we would rather shed our clothes than shed our walls and reveal our nakedsoul.

A little piece I wrote, I hope you can relate. Until our next encounter!

“Physicality is nothing without sharing your NakedSoul. The concatenation of two beings is an expression of two spirits uniting through their physical beings yet surpassing the pleasure and satiation because, the ecstasy of two soulmates aligning is more powerful and devastatingly beautiful than a volcanic eruption.”

By Anastacia Candice Julie

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