Come Find Me

Come Find Me

come find me

Sprawled on the bed,

In anticipation of your arrival,

Momentarily suspended by the idea,

Of you bursting through that door

And assaulting me on every level,

I hunger for your presence,

Your essence,

Your mind,


Arching my back,

At the thought of your hands gliding up the inside of my thighs,

Convulsing almost trembling at The idea of your eyes peaking over my monokini line,

Biting my lip, As you bite into the fleshiness of my hip bone,

Basking in the after thought, Of the assault on my limbs,

As you nibble on the indents above my belly button,

Bursting at the seams thinking about the moment you claim me with your mouth,




I’m beside myself, with the need to be satiated.

Come Find Me.

By Anastacia Candice Julie

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