A symbol of Beautiful Power

A symbol of Beautiful Power


You are at your most powerful when you accept everything you are and everything you will never be.

When we tap into ourselves and the many facets we are made of, the walls we hid behind become inconsequential. No one can deter us from our path or side track our plans because we are focused on the dreams, goals and passions that have become the pulse of our existence.

Knowing and challenging yourself to be your authentic self, helps you minimise the effect external factors have on your emotional, mental and spiritual self. The more you know the devil within you, the more you know how to act and react to life’s many challenges which in turn, limits the influences people have on you.

The most powerful influencer in the world cannot deter someone who has been fortified against being influenced. Similarly, peer pressure has no ground or hold when you have rid yourself of trying to conform to what is expected by society.

Sometimes things become too much and our first reaction is to drown ourselves in alcohol, excessive drugs, sex or any form of pleasure available, but you have to ask yourself, “until what end?”

Why not take time out and focus on building a relationship, getting to know and dissecting the various aspects of yourself so that you can better know how to handle these various stages of temptation and discomfort. Pleasing others and conforming should never come at the expense of your happiness and self worth. If what you’re doing isn’t adding value to your life then why do it at all?

There is nothing more powerful than a man or woman who is self aware of their shortcomings and strengths. When you know yourself, no one can tell you who you are and what you are capable of. You become your biggest inspiration or your worst nightmare.

Take some time out, find yourself, revel in your naked soul, and don’t allow anyone to put a value on your worth. That honor belongs to you.

Make a choice, choose yourself. You are the Symbol of Beautiful Power.

By Anastacia Candice Julie

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