My Temptation

My Temptation

my temptation

#EroticSoul #MyTemptation

Discussion after discussion,
Laughter after laughter,
Crying, I think I’m crying,
My ribs hurt, my tear ducts dried out,
Only you can pierce my being this way,
The topic changes,
Queue in the serious expressions.
Unfiltered emotions suddenly play across your eyes,
Strange, there’s a shift.

I can’t place it, but something within you has just shifted into place like pieces of a puzzle,
and what a sight!
To watch you transform right before my eyes!
Coming into your own,
Realizing your wants and needs,
And most importantly,
Seeing that I am at the epicentre of it.

My temperature rises,
My heart beat, oh how it races!
Conversation has ceased to exist.
Could it be?
Is it possible?
You finally SEE me?

Spinning, the room is spinning,
My breathing deepens,
And yet, still, all you do is stare at me,
My body shuts down,
My emotions are like a hurricane,

Can it be that I have waited for this moment for so long?
Yes, yes I have,
But, but do I want it?
Do you want it?
What do we want?

Leaning in, you trail your hands over my legs, massaging my calves,

your eyes never leaving mine and I temporarily close my eyes

as pure spikes of bliss hit me, wave after wave.
I hold on to the couch and bite my lip,
This can’t be happening?!
Moving forward you graze your hands up my thighs grab my waist,

lifting me ever so gently and pulling me towards you,
Jelly, my legs feel like jelly,
Or is that my knees?
I can’t distinguish.
Slowly you back me up against the wall,
I’m parched, barely breathing,
Eyes wide and a little fearful,
You grab hold of my leg, wrap it around your waist whilst

simultaneously cupping my face with your free hand,
And then,
You Kiss Me..

Biggest mistake,
All those suppressed emotions,
All those missed moments,
All those tantalizing conversations,
All that carrot dangling,
Has lead to this moment.

I kiss you back
With passion,
Laced with sweet delicious heat,
My body heat rises and expands,
You feel it, you want it,
You taste it,
Hands around your neck,
I wrap both legs around your body and

position myself just above your waist,
You moan… And I smile,
Pushing me up against the wall,
Trapping my body,
Or so you thought,
Until I use my close quarters against you,
Moving against you,
Undulating my pelvis against yours,
Squeezing you in place with my thighs,
You are trapped beneath me,
Hand in my hair while you hold on to the wall,
I slowly and seductively glide my hand down your chest,

past your abs and grab your ass,
Deeper I want you deeper,
Just as we are about to shed our masks
I hear my name,
I ignore it,
I hear it again,
And I break away from that delectable kiss

for one second and that’s all it takes,
I feel like I’m falling,
I jump up, and realize
All of this, all this desire, wanting, needing, craving, was all a Dream.

by Anastacia Candice Julie

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