The Process of Purification

The Process of Purification




I woke up this morning and couldn’t quite believe that it’s the first day of yet another month! My, how the year has flown!

In lieu of it being a new day and a new month and that I myself am in a purification and hibernation process, I thought I would share this little thought with you.

I’ve been asked how I handle other people’s opinions about my life or my choices or even various inputs and well for me, initially, it was quite hard just being myself unapologetically because I felt an uncanny desire to want to make the people around me happy even if it was to my own detriment. But there comes a time when you need to realise that if it doesn’t add value then you shouldn’t entertain it because it will result in nothing but heartache, exhaustion and misery.

Sometimes we feel like we need to remove people from our lives in order to move forward or move on.
The reality is that removing them doesn’t guarantee our inner peace. They can still affect us psychologically, emotionally or mentally on a level without ever knowing or even after they are no longer apart of our lives. The process of Purification therefore doesn’t necessarily mean removing those people from your life but rather no longer giving them the power over your happiness and inner peace.

As in all things, there is a time to sow, prune and reap. You cannot reap the fruits of your harvest unless you have trimmed away all the debris and dead weight, the same is true for your life. You cannot truly move forward if you are allowing people who bring you down and add nothing but negativity to remain apart of your inner circle.

Choose wisely. No one should wield the power of your happiness but you.

by Anastacia Candice Julie ©


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